Friday, December 2

Gamelan Suara Gangsa in UiTM Machang

So.. May I present to you Gamelan Suara Gangsa UiTM Cawangan Kelantan. 
This is my FIRST family in university. 
We are performing for "Majlis Istiadat Konvokesyen UiTM Cawangan Kelantan" since Konvokesyen Ke-83 till the recently which is Konvokesyen Ke-85. 
I am really glad to know each of them. 
Hope we will be together as a family together. 😉😜😉😜💗💓💕

Tuesday, April 19

Thursday, March 17

Test post.. 😘

Monday, January 26


Just because of my attitude. Hey Lysa.. What's going on? Can't you behave yourself? Why you being like this. Such nonsense girl. cause of you. I will try my best to change it. Just because for my goods. Try to behave. UNINSTALL the one and only my lovely TWITTER. 

**I will try my best to behave. Try not to post something bad in my twitter. Try for a month. I just hope it will be the best for me and others