Monday, January 26


Just because of my attitude. Hey Lysa.. What's going on? Can't you behave yourself? Why you being like this. Such nonsense girl. cause of you. I will try my best to change it. Just because for my goods. Try to behave. UNINSTALL the one and only my lovely TWITTER. 

**I will try my best to behave. Try not to post something bad in my twitter. Try for a month. I just hope it will be the best for me and others

Wednesday, January 14

KEEP CALM GUYS.. almost a few months after the last KMNS post, I didn't open my blog. Long time no see meyh. After completing my matriculation studies, I just get my 'tawaran' to study in a university. There are always the best thing and also the sad things too. 
Starts with the best one ::
  • I just got my favourite programme which is BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONS) MATHEMATICS (CS 249) in UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY MARA.
  • I really happy cause it is my favor. 
The sad thing are ::
  • The programme only at MACHANG, KELANTAN which very far far far far far far far far far far far far far far far away from home.
  • This programme take a long journey which is 3 and half years. 6 semesters for study and a semester for practical.
  • guess what.. This programme is a new programme in UiTM. I am the third batch.

I have many things to share, but I just have no time to create any post. Furthermore, my internet line also not so good.. **almaklumla kelantan..pendalaman pula tu** :)

Maybe a few weeks more i will post something about my programme and as a degree student life. Keep in touch then.. See yaa!